Nifty Derivative Closing Updates and Strike price for Trading

Markets gained momentum in late trade to end higher on Tuesday after the recent developments indicate that Hillary Clinton is most likely to emerge victorious in the US presidential elections.

The outcome of United States presidential elections of 2016, which will be held today, will have a bearing on global stocks. Presidential election will be held between Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. The results are expected on the next day of elections.

Nifty November 2016 futures closed at 8566.55 on Tuesday at a premium of 23 points over spot closing of 8,543.55, while Nifty December 2016 futures ended at 8615.55 at a premium of 72 points over spot closing. Nifty November futures saw contraction of 0.05 million (mn) units, taking the total outstanding open interest (OI) to 16.02 million (mn) units. The near month derivatives contract will expire on November 24, 2016.

Highest open interest has been seen in 8800 and 8700 strike price for call option and in 8400 and 8500 strike price for put option.


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