Nifty Can again touch the levels of 8600, Which Stocks Can Give Best Best Return

According to Expert Market fluctuations will continue, But there is Best opportunities for Buy. Nifty 8300 is the first stop, where can get some Resisters. Nifty 8500-8600 levels until the end of December is expected to show.

Don’t Focus only Nifty, But you should focus on mid-cap stocks. Such as metal stocks are showing good performance will be even further outperformer. HCL Info to investors at the current price, would recommend investing in soft nucleus. If the decline were shares of Tata Elxsi also can put money in it. Tata Alexey price of Rs 2,200 in the next 1 year is quite likely.

The money will come from government Demonetisation infra and railway security can be fitted in. Since railway stocks Texmaco, Titagarh Wagons also can Buy on the decline for a long period.


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