A Look at the Most Active Stocks of today @ Momentum stocks for Today Trading

The Indian stock markets carry on to trading flat with a negative bias prior to a certain Fed rate hike later in the day. At 3.20 pm The BSE Sensex is trading lower by 99 points while the NSE Nifty is trading lower by 40 points.

At this point, a view on the most active Momentum stocks is helpful for the traders. some active momentum stocks of NSE are as under:

The Stock of AXIS BANK last trading price (LTP) is 468.65, its change of percentage is 3.47% and its Volume is 92,71,546. In the same sequential order, HCL Tech’s LTP is 820.55, 2.45%, Volume 13,71,283.

Reliance LTP is 1,062.30, percentage at 2.16, Volume 39,78,232. Asian Paint LTP is 919.65, percentage 1.42, Volume 6,48,797.

Tata power LTP is 78.60, percentage 1.29%, Volume 62,11,522, Infosys LTP is 1,001.50, percentage 1.14%, Volume 16,15,224.

Mahindra & amp; Mahindra LTP is 1,178.40, percentage 0.94, Volume 3,32,299, Wipro LTP is 468.00, percentage 0.92%, Volume 7,02,874.

Infratel LTP is 358.40, percentage 0.84%, Volume 6,72,596 and Tata Motors LTP is 474.50, percentage 0.82%, Volume 60,09,685.

Global financial markets are eagerly waiting for the outcome of the US Fed meeting, for a possible hike in interest rates. Most experts see that the US Fed will hike rates by 25bps in its December policy review and will also hint at the road ahead for similar moves going into calendar year 2017.


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