Stocks Investing Tips

Never Trade Over Budget

If you really want to be good investors do not invest more than ever limit. For Example if you have capital 1 lac rupees for invest in share market than invest only Rs 50,000. Don’t over invest Rs 2 lac.

Do Not be Quick to Book Profits

If you want to lump sum profits by stock market than never book hurry profit when market positive trend, Wait and watch for right time and than book profit.

Chose Multiple Sector for trading

you should invest your capital multiple Sector but not invest one sector. Trade in 2 or 3 different sector stock at a time with stop loss.

Follow Always Market Trend

if you want to Earn profit by market than you Should always follow Market Trend. Do not buy upper levels and Sell lower level. You can buy when there is positive news and sell when there is negative report of market.

Don’t Expect Daily profit by Market

If your thinking you are smart who can generate daily profit, than your think harmful for your future. Always be flexible and accept the your mistake if you wrong side trade.

Don’t Trade With Disturb Mind

Stock market will never close. So do not try to multiple trade in day. You can trade next day.

Always Put Stop Loss

If you want to successful investors than you must put stop loss for risk minimise. you should put stop loss with strong Support point or strong resistance point.

Don’t Trust Rumours

never follow rumours spreed by people but always follow genuine news or trend.

Calculate Your Daily Profit and Expenses

never forgot your expenses like brokerage, internet bill, mobile bill, light bill, computer maintenance etc. In this profit.

Keep patience

always keep patience in market. Never Do not panic.